Since 1948 McDonald’s has been serving America breakfast, lunch, and dinner, internationally since 1967. My kids love Mickie D's. They've substituted my family dinners while on the go many times. That's for sure! We've probably had just about everything on the menu by now too.

PEOPLE reports the famous chain has ditched a total of 13 beloved menu items for one reason or another. Over the last few decades the fast-food giant has introduced countless menu items some have stood the test of time, while others come and go for a "limited time," and a few failed the popularity test altogether and never returned.

In 2023 the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry made its debut on April 12. It was introduced as a limited-time option. This year McDonald's introduced Grandma McFlurry around Mother's Day. The Butterscotch-flavored soft serve, with crushed candy on top, was only available from May 16 through May 21. Will they return every year around the same time? We will have to wait and see.

Here's a look at 13 items that haven't had a permanent home on the menu at the Golden Arches. What menu items do you them to bring back?

1.) ARCH DELUXE  McDonald’s debuted the Arch Deluxe in 1996, and it was meant to attract adults. The grown-up burger had all the fixings including a round piece of bacon, dijonnaise and seeded potato bun. It didn't have the staying power, so it was discontinued in 2000. 2.) FISH MCBITES In February 2013, the Golden Arches gave customers another option in the fish department. Expanding on the idea of its popular sandwich, they debuted the Fish Bites. I for one liked them. But I guess I was the only one because they dropped them like a bad habit a couple of months later!

Spicy Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
Spicy Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's

3.) SPICY CHICKEN MCNUGGETS  The Spicy Chicken McNugget is an old menu item. Believe it or not, they debuted on the menu in 1983! Like many of their menu items, the spicy McNugget has made a few comeback tours. They're on the menu now at most McDonald's debuted restaurants in the U.S. Not sure, why they are on this cut list unless they plan to discontinue them after this year. I guess we'll have to wait and see on this one. 4.) MCRIB  The iconic McDonald’s McRib made its debut in 1981. Since then, it has made a comeback as a limited menu item time and time again. Will the chain drop the world-famous BBQ pork sandwich for good? We shall see. For now, they say it's a goner. 5.) SALAD  Mickie D's gave the boot to most of their healthy menu items in 2022. Items like fruit-and-yogurt parfaits, grilled chicken, and salads were dropped according to the fast-food chain to serve the popular menu items more efficiently.

In 2004, McDonald’s released its Chicken Selects. Unlike its nuggets, the Selects were made with whole pieces of chicken breast that were battered and fried. They left the menu for a stint from 2013 to 2017, and when they returned, they were rebranded as Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. They stayed on the menu until 2020 when McDonald’s decided to pare back its menu in response to the coronavirus.


The Szechuan Sauce started at the Golden Arches in 1998, with the release of Disney's Mulan, and was part of a combo that included a set of toys from the movie. The savory sauce featured a slightly sweet taste and hints of soy, garlic, ginger, and mild vinegar notes. The fancy sauce made its comeback for a limited time in 2022.

In April 2023, McDonald’s introduced a springtime treat in 2023, with the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry. Fans were excited but, the excitement was short-lived as the frozen dessert was only on the menu for one month. Hopefully, it will be a comeback menu item, because that thing was good!

McSpaghetti - YouTube
McSpaghetti - YouTube

McDonald’s introduced McSpaghetti way back in 1970. A simple pasta dish with marinara, meatballs, and cheese with the kids in mind. This item remained on the menu for about 10 years and was very popular, but it was discontinued from the menu of most locations in the U.S. anyway. However, you can still get McSpaghetti at one location in Orlando, Fla., and in the Philippines.

McDonald's debuted the Big Mac Bacon, Quarter Pounder with bacon and cheesy bacon fries at the same time in 2019. Transforming the iconic Big Mac and Quarter Pounders with a little something extra, paired with cheesy bacon fries. The burgers consist of three slices of thick applewood-smoked bacon, but for some reason, they dropped these items including bacon as a add-on option.


In 2006, McDonald’s introduced the Chicken Snack Wrap. It was good! The popular snack left the menu in 2016 because it was too difficult to make. In 2023 it returned to the menu and came back under a different name, the McCrispy Snack Wrap.

In 2015, McDonald’s started the all-day breakfast. I love breakfast and was happy that they were finally going to serve it all day. Of course, it was an instant hit, but the COVID pandemic messed it up for everybody. The fast-food chain killed the to streamline the popular menu items and never brought it back!

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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