The U.S. News and World Report's 2024 Best States Rankings are out, and the news isn't good for Louisiana. Sadly, the Pelican State came in 50th place and ranked among the worst states in eight 'quality of life' categories for the second time.

Utah was ranked the Best State. Two neighboring states didn't do so hot in the rankings: Mississippi, coming in 48th place, and Arkansas, coming in 47th. However, Texas did quite a bit better, ranking 29th place.

There was a little good news as Cade Brumley, Louisiana Superintendent of Education, reported the state education went from 46th place to 40th in testing for grades pre-k to 12. Due to Medicaid expansion, Louisiana now ranks #21 in healthcare access, with only 10.3% of the population uninsured compared to the national average of 11.3%.



Each state received a ranking of #1 through #50 in 'quality of life' categories, for a total ranking of Best State Overall. Below are the stats for Louisiana:

Crime/Corrections - #50

Economy - #49

Fiscal Stability - #41

Healthcare - #46

Infrastructure - #49

Natural Environment - #49

Opportunity - #44

Internet Access - #49



CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO CURRENT STATE RANKINGS - The Shreveport Times reported the following 2024 statistics:

∎ Louisiana has a 65% higher rate of violent crimes at 629 per 100,000 people versus the national average at 380.7 per 100,000 people.

∎ Louisiana's population is dropping with migration of -0.6%, while the average state is growing at 0.3%.

∎ 40% of Louisiana's population is obese, which speaks to why the state's preventable hospital admissions are 27% higher than the national average.

∎ Louisiana is notorious for bad roads, with 29% of the roads in the state in poor condition compared to 18% nationwide.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports Louisiana refineries release 3,134 pounds of industrial toxic gas into the air per square mile more than a thousand times compared to a national average of 937.

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