Law enforcement are raising awareness about Louisiana’s “move over” law this week during the National Move Over Campaign.

Louisiana Master Trooper Scott Moreau says the law aims to protect first responders working on the side of the road. He says the law is simple, if you see someone working on the shoulder, move over.

“The law says that you shall enter the lane furthest away from the emergency vehicle and slow down to a reasonable speed, and if you’re on a two-lane road, then what you’d want to do is slow down to a reasonable speed,” Moreau said.

Moreau says a reasonable speed is considered 20 miles per hour under the speed limit, after it was revised a few years ago from 25 miles below the posted limit. He says they will be upping their efforts to enforce this law throughout the week.

“We’re always doing this, but we will be taking an aggressive active role writing people that choose not to move over for emergency vehicles,” Moreau said.

Move Over America reports that every state has a move over law, but Moreau says ten officers were killed in crashes on the side of Louisiana roadways last year. He encourages drivers to move over for any vehicle on the side of the road, not just emergency responders.

“That white fog line isn’t much protection. We’re talking about a 6 to 8 inch line that’s separating a disaster from something that doesn’t have to be. It’s totally preventable,” Moreau said.