What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico... or not.

"Never have I ever" might be the best game ever. Who doesn't want to learn semi scandalous and useless information about their friends, and sometimes strangers and country music artists?

Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell stopped by the second annual Crash My Playa in Riviera  Maya, Mexico and played a quick game of "never have I ever" with People.com.

Is it weird that I like Luke Bryan more now I know he's pee'd in a pool? I mean, we've all done it. Maybe you haven't pee'd in a pool, but you have totally pee'd in some body of water, or at least the shower. Don't lie, we're all friends here. Oh, and don't get me started on Cole Swindell's hidden Baywatch running talent. I need to see that first hand, and if he'd like to teach me his ways I'd be more than happy to learn.

[via People.com]