Parenthood, obesity, prostate checks and DUIs. Tonight we’re not young, we’re all somewhere in our 30s, nothing worthy, this ain’t fun.  A video called "We're Not Young" is getting around the internet and shows life as a 30-something as a counter-point to the hit song "We Are Young," by Fun, which shows a 20's life as a party! Where is my AARP card!Being in your 30's isn't easy, but the "We're Not Young" video covers the whole 9 yards, from marriage, employment as well as weight gain & depression with lyrics like,

Now I know that I'm fat, shut up about that. I guess I'll do elliptical, maybe I can finally do that yoga class. But I'll probably watch HD-TV, gonna stay at home and watch AARP."

This makes me want to declare bankruptcy right after I max out all my credit cards! According to the video's creators, the idea formed in their heads while out for dinner and complaining about their own lives.

Should you laugh, cry or crawl into a ball in the corner of the room? Just do all three, but first check out the video for yourself. If you are between the age of 30 to 70, chances are you'll find something that pretains to you. The song isn't uplifting, but the lyrics are universal. Now I want to cry...

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