The newest member of the Robertson family is already a star on social media. Sadie Robertson's baby girl, Honey — who is technically a Huff, not a Robertson — was tagged in several adorable pictures shared by her grandma, Korie Robertson.

In fact, Korie posted a few emotional messages to her followers and her daughter and son-in-law in the hours after baby Honey was born on Tuesday (May 12). She's already been spoiling the baby with hugs and kisses.

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson stands nearby for one precious photo. "Kmama, Dubs and Honey," she writes in the caption. "Yep, we're in love!!!"

Sadie, 23, gave birth to her "chunky" daughter with her husband Christian by her side, and Korie recognized his level of support in another caption. Speaking to Honey, she shares, "Your mom is absolutely, utterly amazing, and your dad is simply the best coach and encourager ever! There is nothing those two won’t do for you!"

A gallery shows several of the same pictures the couple shared in announcing the baby's birth. "We can't wait to see what God has planned for you!" Korie Robertson writes.

Honey James Huff is tagged as @legithoneyjames in these photos, and a click-over shows that yep, she's famous already. More than 100,000 people have followed the baby's official IG page. Right now she's only following her mom and dad, and has only shared one picture beneath her "a chunky miracle" bio line.

In announcing the birth, Sadie has indicated there's a story to tell, but right now the couple is simply soaking in time with their baby.

Can you blame them?

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