Most Popular Baby Names of 2015
According to the Social Security Administration Emma and Noah were the most popular baby names of last year, but it's the least popular name of 2015 that might surprise you!
NFL Enshrinement Ceremony and Hall of Fame Game Take Place
August is finally here, which means that football is right around the corner. NFL training camps are in full force and the preseason games are finally upon us. This weekend, the NFL will hold their annual Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony along with it's annual Hall of Fame game which is the f…
The 2015 MLB Draft Recap
The 2015 Major League Baseball Draft was completed earlier during the week and there was plenty of talent around the state of Louisiana that were fortunate to have their names called.
New Louisiana Laws for New Year
Handicapped smokers are not going to be happy with this new law. Another new law allows you to customize your drivers license. There are nearly 2 dozen new Louisiana State Laws that go into effect in 2015.