DWI Checkpoint This Thursday
We are in the middle of the Christmas party season; do your part to make it safe by designating a non-drinking driver. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department will be doing their part to keep our roads safe with another DUI checkpoint.
DWI Checkpoints Planned for Memorial Day Weekend
For a lot of people ... a day off means celebrating with great food and a drink or two. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't drive after the drinks. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department is doing their part to keep our roads safe this holiday weekend with DWI checkpoints.
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend In Calcasieu Parish
This is certainly not great driving weather. Wet roads are dangerous and even more dangerous when facing the rain and impaired drivers. Louisiana State Police Troop D can not do anything about the weather ; but they can remove impaired drivers from our roadways and that will be the goal of Saturday's checkpoint night.
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
Last week we heard the sad story of a Westlake man getting his fourth DWI. This enforces the point that we still need DWI checkpoints.  These checkpoints are designed to make us safer by removing impaired drivers from our roads.

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