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Grown Men on Pogo Sticks — The Gator 99.5 DJs Show Off Their Skills
I don't know if there's anything funnier than people falling down.  I'm talking about just biting it and making a fool of themselves.  And we figure we're the funniest guys around, so that should make it doubly hilarious!  What would make grown men have a pogo-stick jumping contest in their office?  When I figure it out, I'll let you know.  Until then, get a load of the first-ever Gator 99.5 pogo-
The Best Places For The Mardi Gras Parade! [GALLERY]
So you ask...what does that picture to the left have to do with The Best Places to watch the Mardi Gras parade? As we saw in a previous posting, there is a alteration to this years parade, and this is the end result of David Kaye's Portrayal of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride..
Are You Ready For The Awesomeness For The 2 Greatest Shirts Ever Made?
David Kaye has ridden on the synchronicity highway for so long, sometimes even he forgets when all the right pathways, synergy, portals and people are all in place and aligned and a small miracle occurs. This happened yesterday, a simple day, and day that most would consider to be just another lazy Sunday afternoon...but the truth was it was the day that David Kaye, the immovable object, meet the
Gator 99.5 Welcomes Baskins To Lake Charles [Gallery]
This Saturday Lake Charles welcome the newest addition of a business to 2990 East Prien Lake Road, Baskins, The Official Western Store of Texas! Gator 99.5's David Kaye in the Midday went by to give everyone the lowdown of the newest place to find all your work and Western needs!
David Kaye’s Adventures At The Dairy Barn!
I love nothing better than going out in the beautiful town of Lake Charles and meeting all the great people we have in our area, and Monday afternoon was no exception as I spent the afternoon at The Dairy Barn at 1016 E. Prien Lake Road!