Can You Afford To Die In Louisiana?
I always wondered what would happen if you didn't pay for a funeral? Would they dig up the dearly departed and bring them back to your house? The cost of funerals varies from state to state, guess what state is going to really stick it to your wallet as a final parting shot?
Bishop Speyrer Funeral Traffic Notice
Traffic from  downtown Lake Charles and Moss Bluff will be affected by the funeral procession for The Most Reverend Jude Speyrer. It will all start around 8 a.m. tomorrow (July 31st) around the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 935 Bilbo Street
Funeral Televised
CMT has announced that they will air the George Jones funeral tomorrow morning starting at ten. The guest list is rather impressive as you would have expected.
Shunick on Dateline
The case of the missing University of Louisiana Lafayette student Mickey Shunick will be the featured story on NBC's Dateline this Tuesday night January 29th.