Packin' Pastor
Don't mess with Greater Morning Star Baptist Church Pastor W.L.T. Littleton. Yes he is a man of God and also a former New Orleans Police officer. When burglars invaded his church they were chase off by a hail of of brimstone ... uh ... I mean bullets!
Women's Gun Class
This past weekend I bought my wife her first gun. She ask for it, we went and shot different models and made a decision. I can tell you that the model she wanted is in high demand;  we ordered it and have been waiting for weeks! Why? It is a very popular model with women. I can also tell you there were as many women as men in the store. maybe thats why this course is being offered to Calcasieu Par
Newspaper Outs Gun Owners
Do we have a right to know which people around us have guns?  One New York newspaper thinks so in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, and they MADE one without asking anybody.

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