Fired Professor Brings Lawsuit Against LSU
Where do the rights of a professor end and the rights of a student begin? Are educators supposed to teach for real world situations or are they highly educated baby sitters? A fired LSU professor is taking the issue to court.
Kenny Chesney Sues
This morning with Kris and Scott, Jimmy Carter reported that Kenny Chesney is suing a company for using his name and trademarked logo on unauthorized merchandise.
Paula Deen a Racist?
(Man, I'm going to need a butter joke to open this post...  Oh, wait -- I got one!)  Someone butter up TV chef Paula Deen so she can slither out from under new allegations that she lobs around the N-word and wanted a slavery-themed wedding reception.
(Eh.  Sounded funnier in my he…
Kenny Rogers Files Lawsuit Against His Record Label
Kenny Rogers filed a federal lawsuit Monday (Feb. 13) against his label Capitol Records, claiming the label owes him money for digital music sales. He’s also claiming he is owed $400,000 from Capitol that he has yet to receive because of a number of accounting errors. According to th…
Sugarland Sued Over Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse
Victims of the August 13 Indiana State Fair stage collapse are seeking justice. Forty-four survivors of the tragedy, as well as family members of those who died in the horrific accident, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against those associated with the production of the show — including Sugarland.
Sounds Like She May Have A Case Of The Mondays…
Well, I guess somepeople just can't be happy being beautiful and mega rich! Oh no, they want everyone to think they have swam in the fountain of youth since the age of five! And now, this Swedish model, Caroline Louise Forsling, is suing Estee Lauder for not photoshopping her enough! She has so…