Sam Houston State

McNeese Homecoming Celebration Schedule
The McNeese Cowboys are 5-1 on the season and coming home for a huge conference game against Sam Houston State on October 19th. It's the Poke's homecoming game and this years theme is "Cowboy Strong." Homecoming events start on the 12th and we have the schedule for you.
Can McNeese Win The Conference With Two Losses?
Can the Pokes with the Southland Conference with two losses? The first that that would have to happen is for the Cowboys to win all of the rest of their games. That is a big task. Then there are other teams that will have to lose.
Cowboys Lose Shocker! Injury bug Bites!
Most people are playing it off as just a one time, mistake filled, injury riddled loss for McNeese. That is optimistic and a hard sell at this point. The 25-24 loss to Southeastern last night was a definite upset and hopefully not a sign of future problems.