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Maybe….Perhaps One Day Sony Can Buy A Kickstarter
Sony says it will fully restore all services for the PlayStation Network by the end of this week, more than one month after a major data breach knocked out the company's online video game hub.
Currently, PSN subscribers can only play PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable games online, access th…
Sony Slowly Starts to Bring PSN Back Online
Sony is bringing services back to the PlayStation Network
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Uh……It’s Been Long Enough…
On May 1, Sony revealed it would launch a "phased restoration" of PSN last week, bringing back features such as the ability to play games online, access to PlayStation Home and access to friends lists.
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It Only Took Sony NINE DAYS To Find Out!
A security breach in the Playstation Network by still unidentified hackers resulted in stolen personal information, Sony confirmed today.
Sony says while personal information was likely stolen they don't believe credit card numbers were and that they hope to have the Playstation Network service …
We Were Out Of Stamps!
Yesterday evening being the 26th of April, exactly seven days since Sony learnt its security had been compromised. In this day and age where we're accustomed to being alerted to privacy infringements straight away—it's shocking that it should take Sony seven days to cough up and expl…
Sony’s Playstation Network Is STILL DOWN!!!!!
Sony has entered the seventh day of its PlayStation Network outage, and the situation has turned from bad to worse. , Sony has confirmed that personal information has been compromised.
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WHA??? How Can This Be???
Sony has stated that there are over 75 million registered PSN accounts in 59 countries all over the world. The Playstation  Network may be offline for the next 2 days
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