Guess Who’s Baaaaacccckkkkk?
He's baaack! More proof that a real Terminator is hard to kill! Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to be in the fifth Terminator flick being directed by Fast Five's Justin Lin.
The Bollywood Terminator Part 2
And this is the second half of the AWESOMENESS that is The Bollywood Terminator! Kinda puts Avatar in its place if you ask me!
Sprinkle some curry on your popcorn, people, cause this movie is HOT! How can you not enjoy the wonders of the internet that I bring you...
The Bollywood Terminator
Why, oh why, are we not already standing in line to see this movie?!?!?!?! Be ready to be blown away with the AWESOMENESS that awaits you with this!
And the best part, is that this is only part one, stick around for PART 2!!!