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Real Life Angry Birds For Halloween[Video]
They are everywhere so get used to  it.  If  you are pretty creative and can round up some supplies, you to can launch your very own flock.
Make sure you are clear of windows, kids and pets and you can be smashing pumpkins painted like pigs....
30 Million People Shoot The Bird Everyday Including Me
The raw fury exuded by those poor avian creatures at the loss of their unborn young wrenches at your very soul. Their willingness to sacrifice themselves for their young should bring a tear to any eye, pulling on parental heartstrings...
Sony Slowly Starts to Bring PSN Back Online
Sony is bringing services back to the PlayStation Network
via Sony begins to bring PlayStation Network back online - Game Hunters: In search of video games and interactive awesomeness -
Oh How I Love This…..Game?
Rock Band features the most downloadable content available, out of any console video game, period. About 900 artists are represented among those 2,700 songs – we cover a lot of ground in terms of genre and time period. We have everybody from Otis Redding to The Beatles to Fleetwood Mac to Metallica …
It Only Took Sony NINE DAYS To Find Out!
A security breach in the Playstation Network by still unidentified hackers resulted in stolen personal information, Sony confirmed today.
Sony says while personal information was likely stolen they don't believe credit card numbers were and that they hope to have the Playstation Network service …
Sony’s Playstation Network Is STILL DOWN!!!!!
Sony has entered the seventh day of its PlayStation Network outage, and the situation has turned from bad to worse. , Sony has confirmed that personal information has been compromised.
via Sony confirms personal PSN data compromised, 'some services' back up 'within a week' - News …