Hot on the heels of announcing the 2016 CMT Music Awards nominees in New York on Monday (May 9), where he's nominated for two trophies, Thomas Rhett visited Late Night With Seth Meyers for a performance of his sexy new single "T-Shirt."

Dressed in white jeans and leather jacket while backed by a band in suits, Rhett began the song with a slowed intro until the catchy chorus kicked "T-Shirt" into high gear. The singer shared with Taste of Country recently that he had the song on his mind for quite some years.

“Right when I got done recording my first album Tim [McGraw] took it off hold, and then I put it back on hold immediately, and held it for an entire year before I put my second album out,” Rhett explains. “It’s one of those songs that have hung on for a long time. For me not to get tired of a song that I’ve had for that long is shocking to say the least. That song has been with me forever and I’ve always wanted to put it out as a single. I figure, ‘What better time than after ‘Die a Happy Man?'”

Rhett is currently on tour with Jason Aldean before he heads overseas for his first European tour. Having performed the Country 2 Country Music Festival earlier this year, he’s prepared to tailor his tour to the U.K. crowd, which he explains is much less rowdy than U.S. audiences.

“The crowd, a lot of them like to sit down and that doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying the show, that’s just how they know how to enjoy shows. It definitely took a little tweaking on my show part,” he admits. “It was like, ‘All right, TR. Calm down, just play your songs. That’s all they want to hear.’ I found myself doing a lot more acoustic numbers rather than playing loud and high energy. It was fun to get over there and change up the set list and play some older songs off the first record and have a chill environment.”

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