Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line is an excellent amateur photographer, and that's well evident by the half nude pics he posts to social media of his pregnant wife!

On June 7, 2017 Tyler and Hayley announced they were expecting their first child together. They initially thought they were having a baby boy. However, they found out later on that was incorrect, and in fact, they were expecting a baby girl.

Hayley is now only three weeks away from giving birth to their baby girl.  I know all too well the emotions that Tyler is going through.  There is such a special bond between fathers and their daughters.  Even when they're still in their mother's belly.

Congrats to the Hubbards!  The emotions that flood over you when you child is born, and you hear their first cries, is something that everyone should have the opportunity to feel.  It's the greatest feeling this side of Heaven!

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