Crayola has announced that on Friday, National Crayon Day, it will live stream on Facebook the retirement of the color from its box of 24.

They've issued the invitation, and they are asking you to RSVP for the big event. I did because I'm a big fan of coloring, although I don't always stay inside the lines.



Since the company began coloring the world in 1903, colors have come and gone and even changed names due to cultural shifts. They retired four colors in 2003, but added four new ones that same year, when Crayola celebrated its 100th anniversary.

It's fair to say that, whatever color it is, we may see its return sometime in the distant future. The company did redistribute, in limited quantities, boxes of retired colors in 2013. If you managed to get your hands on one, you may want to hang on to it. Those wax gems could be worth some serious coin in the not-do-distant future.

Crayola Facebook
Crayola Facebook


The news that one color is leaving the box of 24 has caused quite a stir on social media, according to USA Today. People are weighing in on everything from which color is their least favorite to wondering why the colorful company would do such a thing.

Crayola isn't giving any hints as to which hue will be melting into the sunset. My prediction is that another color will be introduced when they announce that one is going away.

As trivial as a color retirement may be, a box of 23 colors? I'm not sure the world is ready for that.

Ali Bradley, an evening news anchor at Fox 43 in central Pennsylvania.

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