January 4, 1999 the main event on WCW Monday Night Nitro pitted the brand new WCW Champ Kevin Nash defend his title against Hulk Hogan. After a matter of minutes, the outcome left wrestling fans scratching their heads.

Kevin Nash had just dethrowned Bill Goldberg for the richest prize in the wrestling business during a WCW pay per view event. The following night on Monday Night Nitro, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan would challenge Nash for the WCW strap. Here's how it went down.

By the end of the night, Nash and Hogan are in cahoots, and for Superstar Bill Goldberg... it was a trap. Hence the beatdown.

In 1999, WWE and WCW were in a ratings war and the "Fingerpoke of Doom" did pull viewers away from the competition that evening. World Wrestling Entertainment would buy World Championship Wrestling down the road.