It's one of the biggest giveaways we've ever done on, and if you're a Country Club member, you've got a chance to win.  McDonald's is giving away $5,000 to one lucky Gator 99.5 listener -- IF you can find the hidden codes we've placed on this website!

This contest is EXCLUSIVE to Gator 99.5, and you'll have 19 chances to enter from now until Friday, Nov. 9 when we hand out the grand prize!

How to Play

It's very simple -- every morning at 7:45 a.m. on the Gator 99.5 Breakfast Bunch, Dale and Don will give you a clue.  (It'll be repeated at 12:45 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. each afternoon, too.)  Search for that clue in the search bar.  A list of stories will pop up, and all you have to do is go through each story until you find the McDonald's Golden Arches.  Sometimes, you'll see it in the very first story.  Sometimes, you'll have to dig for it.  As a matter of fact, it will look just like this:

This code was only good for Oct. 15 -- go search our site for the next code!

On the Golden Arches will be a four-digit code.  When you click on the Arches, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter that four-digit code.  AND THAT'S IT!  That's all you have to do to enter each day -- find the Arches and enter the four-digit code you find there.

Of course, if you're not a Gator 99.5 Country Club member, you won't be able to play -- so make sure you're signed up!  It's completely free to become a member!

But Wait, There's More...

So, okay -- you've found today's code, and you've entered it in.  You're eligible for the big $5,000 prize to be given away Friday, Nov. 9.  BUT -- we've got even more reasons for you to play.

For each day of the contest, we'll be giving two lucky Country Club members a free extra value meal featuring McDonald's two mouthwatering NEW sandwiches -- the Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus Burger and the Cheddar Bacon Onion Premium Chicken Sandwich!


And we're still not done -- at the end of each week leading up to the grand prize drawing, we'll be giving away even more prizes.

Friday, Oct. 19:  A year of Extra Value Meals from McDonald's (52 certificates to be used how you like!)

Friday, Oct.  26:  A one-year family membership to your choice of the Nelson Road or Ryan Street location of GiGi's Fitness!

Friday, Nov. 2:  A 16GB iPad 2!

You're eligible for all these prizes by continuing to play each weekday!  AND, even if you win the daily prize or weekly prize, you're STILL ELIGIBLE for the $5,000!  So remember -- play every day, because everyone else will, and you're going to want as many entries as possible to keep you in the running for the $5,000!

Good luck!