So you feel like crap. You are really sick; but your work is piled up. If you are like most of us there is no one to do your work when you are out. Your work just piles up and when you do return it overwhelms you. So you go to work sick.and are not the most popular person in the office. I have some facts that may persuade you to stay home.

flickr/ William Brawley

A new study from the University of Arizona reveals some strong statistics about going to work sick. If one person goes to work sick, the risk of their coworkers getting sick increases by 40%-60%.

One sick person can spread the virus to half of the commonly touched office areas in just four hours! That includes the coffee pot (the horror), desk and elevator buttons ... not to mention the bathroom, light switches, phones and other surfaces.

By the end of the day 70% of the common areas will be contaminated! That is just with one sick person. If you are sick ... stay home.