I have to admit that I did not watch the entire presidential debate. I woke up the next morning expecting the mainstream media would declare an Obama victory while Fox News would declare a Romney win. I was very surprised at what had actually occurred.

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No matter what side you line up on ... you know that the mainstream media has been a major factor in the nation's support of the president. Each side has a news outlet that skews toward them. The debate was a great equalizer. The audience saw the entire debate; they did not just see a one sided report filed by a Democratic or Republican leaning news source. The media outlets then were forced to report the truth because the American people had witnessed both sides. CNN had no choice but to declare Romney the winner when a CNN poll of registered voters indicated a big Romney win. The result has been a tightening of the race in some major swing states. The debates may be the best thing that ever happened to American politics because it IS THE ONLY WAY the American people are going to be presented both sides with no bias. it would be nice if it did not take a Presidential debate for America to see both candidate's views in an unbiased manner.