Who's ready for fall weather? Anybody? Ha! It's unanimous...

One of the things I am so looking forward to are those nice walks in the country. Walks ranging between five to ten miles daily. Man, did the pounds fall off too...

Julie LeLeux

Has a diet every really worked for you?

Lois... Walk a mile a day.

Lucille... I put myself on a beer and fried chicken diet. It worked for me because it was a diet I could really stick to. Seriously:-)

Laticha... Nope, u just have to change ur lifestyle

Sarah... Yep. Not one of those that are on tv, but a clean eating, allowed certain number of calories, and exercised. After recently having a baby it's time to get back to it.

Chrissy... No I can't say that it has. But I started my THRIVE EXPERIENCE a few weeks ago and I gotta say it has changed me!!! I have lost weight. Its gives me the energy I was missing. Now Im off all caffeine! Thats crazy to me bc I was a 2-3 cup coffee 4-5 soda and a monster a day kinda gal!! Love my THRIVE! !!!!!

Michelle... Don't believe in them.

Jacob... Whole grain plant based ....lost 40 lbs in 3 months...need to start again lol