Tuesday night, the Calcasieu Parish School Board discussed making a policy change regarding the hiring of convicted felons.  At this time, potential candidates with background checks showing felony convictions will be denied employment at Calcasieu Parish schools; there is no time line for convictions.  The new policy will allow certain pardoned convictions, with a certain timeline, to be allowable; not including sexual or violent crimes as per R.S. 15.587.1, certain laws under the Child Protection Act.  The proposal has been tabled, and will be discussed and outlined during committee meetings beginning July 21.

We asked our Gator 99.5 listeners what they thought and they replied:

Jessica- "To be honest, everyone deserves a second chance."

Tina- "I say yes....non sexual....non violent....People make mistakes sometimes"

Shandell- "I say no.  There are no other jobs available"

Celeste- "No."

What do you think?  Should there be an outlined policy allowing certain felonies to be acceptable for employment at schools?  Regardless of pro's and con's, this is a topic that won't be taken lightly and will need further thought and discussion before a policy change can be enacted.