Who would I say was the most infleuntial person in my life as a young man? My answer would be a man and personality I would watch on television every Saturday morning. Jim Ross and Midsouth Wrestling or the U.W.F. on NBC.

To this day, I am quite the fan of professional wrestling. Yes, yes I know it's fake! It's a male soap opera, and I enjoy it! Shush!

My point is that if it wasn't for Midsouth Wrestling, there might not be a Kris St. James.

You see, it was the way J.R. would tell the story of what you were about to see in the ring for the night, or on the show. It was the play by play of the matches on the card.I remember as a kid, I would turn down the television and call my very own commentary of the matches I was watching. Silly, huh?

The rest of the story? Well, Jim would pursue the WWE and I would stay in this radio business.