Today is National Librarian Day and in its honor, I visited the Moss Bluff Branch of the Calcasieu Parish Public Library and checked out a book.  I love to read, and one of our best SWLA assets is our awesome librarian system.  I remember receiving my first library card when I was 10 years old; I grew up in Orange, Texas and the most fun activity to do on a Saturday morning was visit the Library.  I would check out the maximum number of books, five total, and start reading the first one in the car.  Eventually, I out grew the children's section and started reading from the Young Adult section, much to my  Mom's dismay.

I would get lost in a book's story and the characters would come to life in my imagination.  The Box Car Children was one of my favorites, I used to think it would be so cool to live in a box car with my friends and experience what they were experiencing.  Reading is an escape, allowing me to relax and just lose myself in the heart and soul of a story.  Today, I challenge you to visit a Library near you....tell the Librarian THANK YOU for always being nice and courteous.  And, thank them for working so hard to bring the stories within books alive.  What an awesome experience to share with your children, THANK a Librarian today.