Two years of a circus was plenty for the Cleveland Browns. Today, the football team sent QB Johnny Manziel packing.

Time for Tebow? I am being serious, gang! Not only has he won a playoff game, but he might help put a good face on this team (ugly new uniforms aside), especially after Manziel. Why not?

Okay, okay I am totally kidding!

Look at the wasted time and draft pick the Browns wasted on this guy. Not to mention the four starters the Browns have lost to free agency. Cleveland is in a total rebuilding mode once AGAIN!!!

When Manziel announced he was going to the NFL, I had a few friends tell me to watch the kid because he was going to become "The GREATEST QB EVER". Today, I find it fascinating that of all the NFL teams that are shopping for QBs, I hear the names Fitzpatrick, Griffin, Kaepernick, etc. being discussed. But no one mentions Manziel.

I wonder why.