September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; over 14,000 children younger than 18 have or will have cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.  Cancer is the leading cause of death past infancy in children, a growing epidemic in our country, about 4,000 children will die each year.

Kris and I had the privaledge of visiting with Cheyenne Fuselier, an 18-year old survivor, who is in remission from T-cell Non-Hodkgin's Lymphoma ... my survivor sister!  Cheyenne was diagnosed when she was fourteen, and spent the first year of her diagnosis in New Orleans receiving treatment at Ochsner Medical Center.  A story close to my heart, Cheyenne's smile says it all...she beat cancer and is alive to tell the tale.  She is one of thousands of children each year who battles this awful disease; only about 4% of funding goes toward pediatric cancer research.  Cheyenne has received much needed support services from Colors for a Cause-Louisiana, an local non-profit based in DeQuincy, Louisiana.

Colors for a Cause-Louisiana helps Louisiana families, like Cheyenne's, battling cancer by providing financial assistance for mortgage/rent, utilities, travel expenses for medical treatment, and a Christmas Outreach program to help provide these families with funds and/or gifts for other children in the family.  Colors for a Cause utilizes firetrucks, you might have seen the purple or pink firetruck around town, and equipment of our local heroes to fundraise for a cure, support programs, and awareness programs for all children battling cancer in Louisiana.

Colors for a Cause-Louisiana operates solely from donations and fundraisers like the one taking place on Sept. 26.  Every ribbon represents a form of cancer that plagues our homes and communities.  Gold is the designated ribbon color for childhood cancer.  Wear gold all month long to raise awareness, and hug a survivor today.  #CancerSucks