A friend of mine shared with me a really good point yesterday. A disturbed man killed nine innocent people in a church last week. Their family, friends and community mourn while everyone else debates about a flag.

Here's some recent feedback about 2015 political correctness.

Aaron... If I hear one more thing about someone being "offended" by "anything" I'm going to scream! I'm so over everyone being so in tune with their feelings!! Grow up people! And yes I believe there are many other MAJOR issues that need to be addressed!

Chad... I agree that there is a lot of stuff going on in this world but this is a pretty big debate if you ask me. They are using this disturbed man for their own personal agenda to erase American History. We let them have their way with the Confederate Flag than next will be take down the monuments, change school names, change US military bases names, etc...

Kyle... Sadly we live in a society in 2015 where political correctness trumps almost anything. Always fight for what you believe in. That's how our country was made. I just think the flag isn't the main point in this instance.