Some times people expect you to do it but they don't. It's about respect to me. Not wanting them to worry about you.

How do you feel on this matter?

Joan... Only if that's what you expect from your partner,if your just leaving for a short period of time,my opinion is no, but if your gone long enough for your partner to worry ,then yes, it's pretty much a joint decision,make it together and then both of ya'lls on the same page, just my opinion.

Sherry... If I am with someone who I am not so trusting of due to their actions yet we are still trying to make things work, then yes, there better be something. If I am with someone I can trust then no. If you are leaving on a trip or plan on being gone all day maybe. It's just no big deal to me if I trust them.
I know most won't agree, but that is my opinion for what it is worth.

Lori... I would wake them up or leave a note. if u have been in a relationship long enough to be living together or married then both people should already know what considerations are expected from the other one and should respect each other enough to do those things.

Alex... If you have any sense of decency, you make sure you do everything you can to not cause your significant other to worry or have doubts or insecurities in your relationship. How would it feel if the shoe were on the other foot?? You do as you would want done to you.