My high school class is having a weekend reunion in Panama City Beach, Florida. Sandy and I arrived a little early at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort and I thought I would share a few pics.


The weather has been less than perfect but it has not dampned our spirits.

It is the Albany Georgia Kids of The 70s Reunion and Sandy is in the spirit. Check out her earrings.  And check out the 70's toes.

I had to break out the red solo cup.

The reunion is gonna be in the world famous Tiki Lounge later today.


Here is what is looks like early in the morning .... I'll post the aftermath tomorrow.

Here is one of us on our balcony.


OK .... it's five O'clock somewhere and time for me to do my job.  You know I am the life of the party. Will post tomorrow (unless it is incriminating).