The petition, which calls for the fictional character portrayed by Ryan Reynolds to host the show, had received more than 50,000 supporters as of this morning.

If Ryan Reynolds hosts Saturday Night Live as Deadpool the entire time, he better do antics like put on fake mustaches or costumes over his Deadpool costume for every skit.

Picture Deadpool dressed as a chef in one skit for example, and then in the next skit he's wearing some suit and hosting a game show. And maybe he should take over the Weekend Update with the "Deadpool Update" or something.

OR... or... have Mr. Reynolds host the show, and maybe have one skit with Deadpool maybe with Betty White. Then release the episode in reverse having Deadpool host doing the same skits uncensored on the internet. I am sure they would make money hand over fist with views.


This will either be a genius idea or the worst episode ever created.