Dentists pretty much agree that the best policy on candy is DON'T EAT IT.  But it's Halloween, so let's get real.  You're probably going to have SOME.

To help you out, here's a ranking of the kind of candy dentists want you to eat, from best to worst . . .

1.  Sugar-free candy.  Studies show that 44% of kids end up eating sugar-free candy on Halloween.  That sounds like a bummer for them, but their mouths are saved from the decay caused by sugar.

2.  Fun dips or sugar straws.  Powder candy is pure sugar.  But the good news is that it dissolves quickly, so it doesn't stick to your teeth.

3.  Chocolate bars.  Experts say that people generally eat chocolate FAST . . . which decreases the amount of contact it has with your teeth.  And the calcium in chocolate actually protects tooth enamel.  Just avoid bars with nuts or nougat.

4.  Suckers.  People eat lollipops and other hard candy at a leisurely pace . . . so it's in contact with your teeth for too long.  And if you bite it, you could chip a tooth.

5.  Gummies or caramels.  Chewy candy is the WORST.  It gets stuck on your teeth and stays there . . . and your saliva can't break it down easily.  Then the decay starts.