Remember JaMarcus Russell? He played for LSU, remember? Must have been a pretty good quarterback because Mr. Russell went Number One in the 2007 NFL Draft. Yeah, it goes down hill from there.

JaMarcus was picked by the Oakland Raiders that year. His record as a starter for the silver and black was 7-18, completing 52% of his passing. He threw 18 career touchdowns, but threw to the other team 23 times. His passer rating was 65.2.

The Raiders would end ties with Russel in 2010.

Now it is 2016 and guess who would like the opportunity to play NFL ball again. For FREE if you are an NFL team in need of a quarterback! Now, this is not the first attempt at coming back to the National Football League. Several year ago a few ESPN analyst weighed on a then comeback attempt.

Can he play NFL ball? Will a team give him a shot? And if he is given that opportunity, has JaMarcus Russell learned anything about his past?

I guess we will see.