This is just too funny. The sad thing is that these could some day be collector's items. Why didn't I have this idea? Here you have it ... both candidates are getting poo pooed!




A Dial Global story reports a Texas company has created special baggies for cleaning up dog poop that feature images of the presidential candidates. Therapoo, which launched in September, sells designer dog-poop bags, some of which feature the likeness of Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. “Just in time to cast your vote and your dog, too,” the company said in a news release. “The entrepreneurs at Therapoo fancy themselves as your poo-litical action committee with a new smear campaign, so get ready for the mud – or poo – slinging.” The biodegradable bags sell for just under $20 for a 100-count order. Therapoo also offers bags with the images of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.