Seventeen years ago I was blessed with three step-children when I married my husband, Chad.  Our youngest, Shelby turns 25 years old today!  What would I do without her?

I have had the privilege of raising this beautiful woman; I am so thankful her Mom and Dad shared her with me, since I do love her as my own.  She is my friend, confidante, and greatest supporter.  When I was diagnosed with cancer, she rallied with her Dad, making sure I was comfortable, or if I was hungry she brought me food.  Always checking in on me, when she didn't have to.  Our conversations over the years have allowed us to grow as very close friends.  I value her thoughts, suggestions, and dreams.

And, Shelby gave me my greatest gift of sweet Granddaughter Adalyn Ashley.  Most of you have heard me speak about Adalyn, my two-year old best friend.  When my world gets too stressful, Adalyn's hugs make everything all better.  Her smile is contagious, and her vast amount of love for her "Mees" (as she calls me) is all I have ever dreamed of.   I can't imagine my life without Adalyn, the giggles, squeals, and "I love you mores".

Being a step-parent is the hardest job in the world, choosing to love someone's else children as your own.   Shelby has made it very easy, as I truly feel God chose her for me to love.

I love you, Chickey, and I am so proud of the woman and mother you are.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!