Here's one you can file under one-in-a-million.  A 33-year-old Houma, La., mother of four was standing in line at the supermarket when lightning struck -- literally.  Not once, but twice. Indoors.

Unfortunately, she was recipient of both strikes.  So, not only did she get struck by lightning twice, but ... wait for it ... she LIVED to tell the tale.  Still, though, that's pretty messed up, nature.  Great job on being a jerk.

The Houma Courier reported that Lakeisha Brooks was standing in the checkout line at Rouse's Supermarket, buying milk and cereal when she felt -- GROSS-OUT ALERT -- what felt like hot oil running down her thigh.

"Like when you're cooking, that pop," she said ...

"I felt like a breeze and then the pain came," she said.

Lightning had blown her shoe straight off her foot.

"I had all of this black smut on the bottom," she said.  --Houma Courier

And right there, that would be enough to ruin your millennium, wouldn't it?.  She pushed her grocery cart and her daughter away but before she could even get her bearings, another blast followed.  Hopping away from the counter, she saw yet a third lightning strike over he shoulder, though luckily, she managed to avoid that one.

...though she is burned and feels pain in her legs when she walks, said she feels blessed to be alive.

"First thing I said when I sat down was God is good," she said.  --Houma Courier

So what happened?  Authorities told WWL the lightning traveled through the store's sprinkler system and down to a metal plate on the floor.  Other than some burns, reports say she seems to be okay, though definitely shaken up.  In other words, you might not want to ask her to run to the store for you any time soon.

Oh, and by the way, the store stayed open after the strike.  Business went on as usual.  Rouse's ain't scared of nature.