Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have something in common besides being elite quarterbacks in the NFL. They share the same agent.


According to Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic  Manning will get close to $20 million dollars a year with possibly $30 million guaranteed.  Brees is two years younger and is healthier, so you would have to think the Saints will be pressed for more guaranteed money.  Nonetheless it's a good starting point for Condon and Brees to call on the Saints once the deal with Manning is finalized in Denver.  Condon's job is simply to get as much in return value for his client as possible.  The players rarely get involved with the finite details and dollar amounts in contracts. I think within a week of Manning working out his deal with the Broncos, you could see a similar deal with Brees and the Saints.

the problem would then be that this money has to come from somewhere with the NFL operating on a team salary cap. The Saints could end up keeping Brees but cutting corners elsewhere. It certainly makes for an interesting off season. The NFL is a business just like any other and making money is the main objective. On a side note ... there are rumors speculating that the Saints may be interested in talking to Tim Tebow. We'll see.