We don't want to live with out it, our cell phone.  Whether we use it for work, or for pleasure, we always have it in our pocket or hand.  But, is it messing with our brain?  I would say yes...my attention span is not what it used to be, scattered and smattered.  And let me tell you why.

According to Time.com, your cell phone is messing with the brain.  When we are distracted by something every fifteen minutes, say a Facebook notification, it is not easy for us to regain our "task oriented" attention thus causing much confusion and anxiety.  Solution?  Switch off the cell phone when working on an important task.  What??  Turn it off???  Say it isn't so?  Then, the "phantom text" syndrome.  Where we hear a ping or alert for a text, and there isn't one.  I think we can all agree, this is legitimate.  I think we should be seeing a doctor, because I am not sure how to stop the madness?

I am upset, since it took me twenty minute to write this post.  See, my phone kept alerting to an incoming text and Facebook notification.....so I kept getting distracted.  Welcome to my world.  Did someone say squirrel?  Where?  A-ha, I do believe it has messed with my brain.  Thank you, Time.com.......now I will eat a donut.