I think it's safe to say Ted Nugent fears neither man nor beast, but love him or hate him, you can't deny the man has a way with words. Kris St. James and I interviewed the TV host and legendary musician this morning (March 13) in anticipation of his visit to Sulphur on March 14.

So what do you talk about with Ted Nugent? Well, that's a dumb question.

"I'm out here in Texas just, just stinking of freedom and venison," he said, noting that this winter's nasty weather has put a damper on his deer hunting time. "...I'd rather have cold rain than sunny skies any day as long as I can be in a tree stand."

Ted talks about some of his most incredible hunting experiences, including a trip to southern Africa to take down a rogue elephant. He'd gotten a permit to take down the elephant after it had killed several local villagers. Not everyone might be emotionally equipped to take down a pachyderm, but The Nuge said he's never feared anything he's hunted.

"I was raised in Detroit, so what am I gonna be afraid of?" he quipped. "Detroit wasn't the murder capital because we're more violent -- we're just better damn shots."

Kris couldn't help but ask him about his political aspirations, and while The Nuge hasn't announced his candidacy for any offices, he also didn't rule it out, either.

"It is that bad, isn't it?" he said. "I mean -- considering the president we have right now, and the gun-running attorney general who is criminal in his abuse of power -- that the author of 'Wango Tango' would make a better president is an indictment to this 'We The People' experiment in self-government."

If nothing else, Nugent said he's got at least 27 million Facebook friends behind him for such a campaign.

"...I would make a better president, because I live by logic, I live by the constitution and common sense. I live by conservation. The Nugent family doesn't take -- we give. We believe that you should earn your own way, which is really radical today."