I went to Jennings a couple of days ago to broadcast from the Treasure Hunters Road Show and by the way if you've got some old gold and silver, they're paying top dollar for it. Upon arriving at the Hampton Inn in Jennings where they were set up in a suite, I met Jason and Keith, the buyers from the company.

As we talked about what they wanted to talk about on the broadcast, I casually asked them where they were from because I knew that this company did these shows all over the country. I was told that their office was in Tupelo, Miss. and I said, "Wow, about 40 years ago I worked in a little town about 45 miles from Tupelo called Ripley". And Jason says "That's where we both live now". well for the next 2 hours(except for the time I was on the air) we talked about people that I haven't heard from in years. They knew everyone I worked with, and knew in Ripley, Miss. It was like an old fashion reunion with 2 guys I'd never met before. They even knew my daughter who still lives up there. So if you get a chance, go see Jason and Keith at the Hampton Inn in Jennings, they'll be there through Friday and tell them I said hello.