A two foot rat snake decided to break into my dryer room at my house and my wife Julie became judge, jury, and executioner on the spot! You go girl!

Cut the dang thing's head off and disposed of the body. I am afraid of snakes. Seriously. She's my hero!


she was.....

I get to clean up the scene of the crime.


Here's what family, friends, and a crazed co-worker had to say on the matter!

Erin Davison OH! Kris St. James is SCURRED of snakes. Thank goodness you got it, he would be crying like a girl. LOL

Ginnie Libby How did that ever get into your laundry room? How did you kill it? If that was a snake in my house, I would move!!

Patsy McManus You are so BRAVE, Julie, to tackle that huge snake!! I probably would have called 911, if my husband weren't around!!!

Lacy Baty Nope, nope, nope! That house would be burnt down or I would just leave and never go back!

Janice Baty OMG I would of died

Nicole LeLeux Are you gonna make yourself something nice with the skin?