So as I was deciding on a scary Halloween costume this weekend, I came to the choice... I am making up my own.

It's almost expected that you are going to run into Dracula, witches, and Jason Voorhees on October 31. But how about The Cajun Devil? What do you think? Like the name?


As I was walking around the Spirit Halloween store, the red mask caught my attention. Then the black top hat. It took me the longest to decide on a wig, to be totally honest with you. So, now my head is taken care of!

I find myself undecided on the rest of the costume.

A black suit? Toga? Clown suit? Trench coat? Decisions, decisions.

How about my spooky foot attire? Crocs? Hackberry cowboy boots? I think I am definately still a work in progress! I just hope it all comes together by Halloween night.