Dial Global reports a Swedish school photo company has offered a sixth-grader $225 in compensation after a photo editing error gave her a third eye in her class yearbook. Are you kidding me? That makes me mad and feel like they should help a lot more!

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Every kid there now has a copy of this yearbook; and even the strongest person can only laugh so long. she will always  be remembered for this. That's worth a lot more than $225!Tilde Norgaard received her yearbook two weeks ago and soon discovered she had an extra eye on her forehead in the class photo.  Skolfoto Norden, the company that took the photos, has corrected the yearbook and will reissue it. They should also recall all of the blotched yearbooks if you ask me. I would recommend every student in the school show their support ... print and eye and tape it to their forehead in a show of support. Maybe Tilde would get a laugh and the show of support would turn this into a good thing.