The Monster Bash was the a great party. I can safely say a good time was had by all (and all kinds.) We were surrounded by an assortment of creatures as not seen in one place since the bar scene in the first Star Wars. It was really cool to see so many great costumes and so many people having fun. The party ended there for most and that was wise because the After Party is where the strange people got really strange.

Dick Bartley was great as usual. The assortment of creatures on the dance floor was quite a scene. It was so much fun for us to greet you and get to say hi to some of our fellow spooks, swamp creatures, skeletons, vampires, and so many others. The costume contest turned out to be extremely competitive; but even those who did not win had a great time. The party was over at eleven and that is when the "After Party" got started and got very weird!

Don Rivers

This is a picture of my wife and I who went as Count Reevers and the Countess. I do make a pretty convincing old school vampire. We were combining my wife's Birthday celebration with the Monster Bash and were with friends and family. We all decided to simply walk over to the Caribbean Cove and hang out for a little while. It was fun as we danced and talked until I got the first "bite" request. A woman who I have never seen before came over and ask me to bite her neck and "give her eternal life." I laughed because I thought she was joking. She was not. She proceeded to tell me she would ask for my wife's permission and then ask me who was my wife. This was way to weird for me so I simply moved away from her and hoped she would move on to her next weird quest. Minutes later I saw her talking with my wife. I thought it was funny but strange. She eventually gave up. I have no idea what my wife told her ... but It worked.

Ten minutes later another man from a different group of people ask me to bite his neck and give HIM "everlasting life." I am really re-thinking my costume at this point and tell him the first thing that comes to my mind "I only bite women....sorry." A minute later he is back and brought his wife for me to bite. What? Seriously? Yes he did. I told him I only bite my wife's neck and eventually he took the hint. Can you believe this really happened.

At this point I am ready to call it a night and switch back to mild mannered (OK maybe that's a stretch) Don Rivers. As we are leaving the bar I am approached by Tim McGraw (well he certainly looked like Tim McGraw) and can you guess what he ask me? You are correct! The only difference between his request and the first two is that I think he was joking. I think.

Don Rivers

It may be time to retire the Count Dracula costume.