Everyone thinks their Dad is the best -- I know I do -- and I know my son does the same for me. But my Pop has gone above and beyond with his coolness factor with his latest toy, a scooter that blows away any scooter I have ever had the pleasure to see! Now if he would only let me borrow it...

Ever since I was young, my Pop had motorcycles. I learned how to ride a motorcycle before I could drive a car. Both of my brothers took up the fever for the open road, but I never caught up in the craze, mostly because I dug music and back then they didn't make bikes with radios. But I always had a thing for scooters, and it looks like my Pop did too!

My Pop recently picked up this beauty, a 1963 Super Silver Eagle Cushman scooter, named "Marge" taken from the Blue haired mother of the year, Marge Simpson! This piece of awesomeness was restored and refurbished by Doug Moore of Terrell, TX., who was recently featured on the television show, "American Pickers", as an appraiser. It has even been fixed up with a Vanguard Briggs and Stratton lawn mover engine, which reportably can reach speeds of 60-70 mph while carrying a 200-lb. passenger!

I am quite proud of my Pop. Did I mention that he is 73 years old and has battled and won against prostate cancer? Wow, and all I ever thought of him is as my Dad. I hope that one day I can make the accomplishments of my Pop, to be able to reach his age, still happily married to my mother after 50 years, and to be GrandPop K to a whole mess of kids, and to just be happy everyday.

And now he has a bitchin' scooter ... If I could only find out where he hides the keys!

Here's what it's like -- this one's not blue, but you get the idea: