It looks as if most of us will be heading back to work on Monday as usual. Nobody playing the Powerball Lottery on Saturday night hit the magic combination that would have made them unbelievably wealthy. That means when the Powerball drawing happens this coming Wednesday night the top prize is anticipated to be $1.3 billion dollars.

Over one billion dollars? Hey that's the kind of monetary figure the government uses to tell us how much they're  spending on stupid projects across our country. Still that money could be yours if you match all five of the numbers drawn on Wednesday plus the Powerball.

If you're a lump sum kind of person a $1.3 billion jackpot would pay you approximately $806 million in cash. That would probably pay for a week in Orange Beach several thousand times over.

Remember even if you didn't match all of the numbers from Saturday night you could still be a winner of a lot of cash. A report out of Texas said that 25 players won one million dollars in Saturday's drawing and another player won a two million dollar prize.  Here are Saturday numbers so you can check your ticket.

16-19-32-34-57 and a Powerball of 13