Every Friday I go through McDonald's in Westlake and pick up breakfast for Kris and I, a goodwill gesture for a week of hard work on Gator 99.5  The past two weeks, something strange has occurred, we each found onions on our respective breakfast sandwiches. After some research with McDonald's menu, I learned they do not include onions on their breakfast sandwiches.

The first week, Kris had a sausage egg cheese biscuit.  As he was eating it, he noticed there were onions on the sandwich wedged between the cheese and sausage.  Strange, but he dealt.  Last Friday, when I ordered our breakfast combos, I asked specifically for "no onons".  The McDonald's drive-through employee stated "we don't put onions on our breakfast sandwiches".  I then replied "last week you guys did; strange".  We both laughed and I proceeded to complete the order.

I arrived at the station and we proceeded to eat our breakfast.  And, what did I find?  ONIONS ON MY EGG WHITE DELIGHT MCMUFFIN!  Yes, I had onions.  Now, I hope they were onions.........yikes.  So, this Friday I will order Kris' sausage egg cheese biscuit and my egg white delight McMuffin WITHOUT ONIONS.  We shall see who wins this battle.  McDonald's-2; Erin-0.