I hate how loud the commercials are on TV. We would never do that to you on the radio. Now will TV have to quit this practice?

So you are enjoying some tube time and then the commercials come on and blow you out of your living room! If you are like me you just want to chill a little in the evening and enjoy your favorite show. You have had enough stress and irritation in your day; and then the commercials come on and it time for the great remote hunt so you can hit the mute button.

    I am not a big government regulation guy but I'll ask for help with this one. According to USA Today "A Harris poll found that 86% of people surveyed said TV commercials were louder than the shows themselves".  The news paper also said that "levels on TV channels can vary by as much as twenty decibels". This drives me nuts! You can join me in filing a complaint. The Federal Communications Commission is getting involved and may pass regulations to stop this practice. The FCC is meeting today to possibly pass these regulations. There is no word on when these regulations may take effect.  Could we actually be able to watch TV without being blasted out of the living room. Is this too much to ask for?